Bishopsfield School


The Bishopsfield School Ex Pupils Website has been missing for a number of years.  When I saw the domain name was for sale, I had to buy it.  I hope that together we could recreate our old secondary school web site.


I along with a number of others am not sure what happened previously, to which we hope that the person(s) who did a marvellous job before could perhaps help us get started.


There seams to be a “Maggs” whom started this off in 1999 or thereabouts with a web address of, then in late correspondence the same person then started and advised others to go there, thank you Maggs and if you could still help we would be very grateful.


I ask of you if you have the old site saved or know who has; please could you email me.


Please use the contacts page; sorry I have to do it this way otherwise I will get spammed out of existence.


As ex pupils if you would like to start sending me you're details e.g Name, nick name, years attended, stories, school magazine, history and any other information and photos then please send them in.  Any attachments I will reply to you with my personal email address so that you can mail it to me.


The old site was really great and I would like to re-publish it like that without having to recreate the whole site, but if we have to, then we will.


My name is Andrew Anderson nickname Budgie, I went to Bishopfield School 1971 to 1976 (notice the one s) as this was how it was originally before a further “s” was added to the Bishopfield name some years later (1973!! I think, let me know if you know the year.) to tally with the Road which was incorrectly named with two S’s.


Once the site is up and running again I also intend to let ex Bishopsfield pupils have an email address or email forwarding if you would like?


Any help and suggestions would be appreciated, hope to hear from you soon.


Andy Anderson